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From $350s

Prime Condos: In the Heart of the East Core :  Steps to Ryerson University. George Brown College is a 4 Minute Commute, the University of Toronto is an 5 Minute Commute, OCAD University is a 5 Minute Commute​.

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​Investment Opportunity

​Right Across Ryerson University Campus: There are approximately 43,000 students studying in Ryerson University, but only 850 of them have accommodation on campus. This gives a huge demand for off campus housing and a great market potential for Prime Condos.


​Prime Location

​PERFECT Transit Score of 100/100: Prime Condos are less than 5 Minutes from multiple Streetcar stops, 11 Minute walk to the College Subway Station where in just 4 short stops you will arrive at Union Station where you will have access to GO Trains, GO Buses, VIA Rail Canada Trains, as well as UP Express where every 15 minutes you can hop on and travel directly to Toronto Pearson International Airport in just 25 Minutes


​Perfect Community

​Prime Condos have a designer lobby and thoughtful first-class amenities. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, PRIME Fitness is more than a gym. It’s a premier fitness club, a complete way of life. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, PRIME Fitness is an impressive 6,500 sq. ft. indoor and outdoor facility with zones specifically designed for CrossFit, cardio, weight training, Yoga, and more.

​Investment Opportunity

Ryerson University is just opposite of the upcoming Prime Condos. This University is in high-demand and has unrivalled growth in student admissions over Ontario’s leading schools. 7,000 undergraduate students have been admitted to Ryerson University over the past five years. As a post-secondary school with the highest admission rate during that time frame, Ryerson has the least housing for students compared to the University of Toronto and York University.

Student housing is under-serviced in the Ryerson University area as the housing market has not kept pace with the growth in student population. If 7,000 students continue to enrol in Ryerson University over the next 5 years, the area will need 12 buildings the size of Prime Condos to house them all.

​Investing at Prime Condos means the chance of receiving a positive return is promising. Purchasing a unit in a community that is constantly growing adds a sense of security to both investors and home-buyers, not to mention- Prime Condos is set to occupy an area just steps from BMO’s proposed state-of-the-art ‘urban campus’. This employment hub is set to employ 3,500+ people.

Rent rate in surrounding areas(for reference only)

1 bedroom + 1 den + 1 washroom:  2100- 2750

2 bedrooms + 1 washroom: $2800~4000

2 bedrooms + 2 washrooms: $3800~5000

​Prime Location

​The condo located in 319 Javis St, Toronto,in front of Ryerson University,  10 minutes to DUNDAS subway station。

  • 8 minutes walk from Ryerson University;
  • 11 minutes walk to Si Michael hospital
  • 15 minutes walk to Finance Center, government building;
  • 16 minutes walk to George Brown College;
  • 16 minutes walk to St Lawrance Market
  • Drive Score 100%,Bicycle score100%,Walk Score 96%

Additional Transit Options Coming Soon!
The city has approved the Relief Line Subway Project which is currently undergoing an assessment that runs just below the Garden District all the way to East York. This line will make transit in this area even more accessible.

​Perfect Community

​Rising 45 Storeys tall in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Prime Condos will connect you to everything you could possibly want.

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